A2 Cow Ghee Benefits

A2 Ghee benefits
Desi ghee or A2 ghee is costlier than any other ghee available in the market. Desi ghee or A2 ghee has various health benefits that make it worth the cost. Even doctors suggest their patients use A2 ghee instead of butter or any other store ghee. All the benefits are mentioned below;

Improves digestion
One of the best pure ghee benefits is, it is easily digestible. Most dairy products are hard for us to digest when we consume them regularly in large amounts. A2 ghee also helps us to digest the food that we consume throughout the day. It also helps people who are suffering from constipation.

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Preventing us from detoxification is one of the worth mentioning the benefits of cow ghee. The butyric acid present in A2 ghee nourishes our intestinal cells. It also reduces inflammation and improves our overall digestive system. Other butter or oils usually reduce the speed of our digestion as they are not easy to digest. But A2 ghee fastens our digestion process.

Reduces weight
Butyric acids present in A2 Desi ghee help in the digestion process, and as a result, it increases our metabolism rate. Thus, some of our stubborn body fat gets burnt. If you have high cholesterol, then you must try A2 ghee instead of butter. Even doctors recommend their patients to add Desi ghee to their diet.

Desi ghee contains all the essential amino acids. They make the fat cells shrink. Omega3 and Omega6 also help to reduce fat mass. This is one of the note-worth cow ghee benefits.

A2 Ghee benefits also include the prevention of bloating. Good digestion is needed to avoid bloating. Bloating is a major cause of weight gain. When we consume A2 ghee, it helps in our digestion and thus prevents bloating. As we result, we do not gain extra weight.

Acts as an immunity booster
This is one of the best A2 Ghee benefits. Desi ghee is packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. all of them boost our immunity.

Vitamin K is very beneficial to our bone health. It makes our bones strong and increases our bone density. All the vitamins keep our heart, stomach, and kidney health. They also play a huge role in keeping our brain cells healthy.

Helps to reduce inflammation
A2 Ghee benefits also include anti-inflammation particles. Butyrate supplements and butyrate enemas are two of the most beneficial elements found in A2 cow ghee. Both of them help to prevent inflammation in our bowels.

Natural Desi ghee has a rich amount of Conjugated linoleic acid. This is very helpful in healing diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. But make sure the ghee is purely Desi. If it has any adulteration, it will not be helpful.

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Good for lactose-intolerant people
People who are lactose intolerant or casein intolerant cannot consume dairy products. They can’t digest milk products. But they can easily consume A2 Desi ghee. Because Desi ghee is made of pure Loni or Makkhan, they do not contain any milk solids or impurities. They also have a little amount of casein (a type of protein). So, one can easily digest them. It is one of the most useful benefits of pure ghee.

A great source of healthy fat
Among other A2 Ghee benefits, this cannot be skipped. A2 cow ghee is a source of good fat. Now, what is good fat? Our body needs some fat to function properly. These fats help our brain to develop. They also maintain the health of our skin, nerve, hair, and other organs. These healthy fats also aid in building our cell membranes and enhance their strength. Other ghee has many adulterations or additives like trans-fats, hydrogenated oil, and oxidized cholesterol. They are not healthy, like A2 natural ghee.

High heating point
When we fry something using oil or butter, toxic fumes come out of it as the temperature goes higher. This fume is very harmful to our health. It also damages the natural qualities of the food we are cooking. That is why doctors suggest using A2 ghee for frying instead of anything else. Ghee does not react to temperature easily. Their heating point is around 500 degrees, whereas other ordinary butter heats at 350 degrees. Thus, a higher heating point is another A2 Ghee benefit.

Treats burns and skin issues
A2 ghee is helpful for consumption, and it also helps us when we apply it to our skin. Desi Ghee’s benefits include healing burns and cuts. It is an age-old treatment. Since ancient times, Desi ghee has been used to soothe and heal burns. It is a completely natural way to treat burns. A2 Desi ghee also heals any type of swelling on our bodies.

Even if you are suffering from skin inflammation, you can use Desi ghee. One can also use Desi’s ghee on their dry skin. It works as a natural moisturizer. A2 ghee can also be used to treat several other skin diseases.

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